Chabad GW - Lubavitch Jewish Student Center is a Jewish organization on campus that seeks to promote Jewish identity, education and celebration.

Chabad GW's programming includes lively and inspirational Shabbat dinners, engaging classes on Torah, Kabala and prayer and meaningful celebration of Jewish holidays. Their warm and welcoming atmosphere enables every Jewish student on campus to experience Judaism on a level he or she is comfortable with. The Rabbi and Rebbetzin are available 24/7 for counseling and personalized study.

Last year Chabad GW held five major events:

  • "Sukkot on Kogan" a giant sukkah on Kogan Plaza to raise awareness of the Jewish Holiday of booths.
  • "Beyond Gaza" with the Israeli ambassador to the US in the SMPA's Jack Morton Auditorium to a sold out crowd of 265 students.
  • "International Latkes" A Chanukah party with Latkes (traditional potato pancakes) from five ethnic traditions.
  • "Purim Fiesta" a Mexican themed Purim party celebrating the 5th century BCE holiday of Purim.
  • Passover Seders more than 150 students participated in one of our two Seders.


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