Services Provided in Residence Halls and Academic BuildingsEdit

Standard building operation and maintenance:

  • Fire alarm and  fire suppression systems, testing, maintenance, repair and inspection
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Operations; testing maintenance, repair and inspection
  • Electrical carpentry and plumbing repair and upkeep on permanent fixtures and full building maintenance and inspection
  • Appliance repair and upkeep (common space washer and dryers maintained by Caldwell & Gregory)
  • Housekeeping of  Residence Hall common space (no in-room cleaning provided)
  • Academic and Administrative building standard surface cleaning and trash removal.  
  • Key services
  • Painting in residence halls on annual rotation
  • Pest maintenance and removal
  • Grounds maintenance and seasonal planting
  • Utility Maintenance

NOTE: Repairs or cleaning necessary for excessively rough treatment, misuse or vandalism will be charged back to the occupants of the residential room and or full residential building if unable to determine the source. 

Provided to each residence hall for normal occupant care:

Normal occupant care = anything typically maintained by a rental occupant based on standards of building service.

  • Toilet plunger (to be used by occupants to clear clogged toilets)
    • Sanitary care items should not be flushed down the toilet
  • Shower Curtain (to be used by occupants to contain water to tup during shower)
  • Recycle Bin and Trash Bin (to be used by occupants to dispose of trash and transported to common use trash chute/receptacles and recycling bins)
  • Some residences have refrigerators, dryers, washing machines and/or dishwashers:


Web-based customer entry form to submit requests for standard repairs to be made inside of all GWU owned property.

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