Fulbright is a co-ed student residence hall on the Foggy Bottom campus at 2223 H St. hosting 298 primarily sophomore students.


Fulbright Hall


Building and Room StructureEdit

Fulbright Hall consists of 8 residential floors and one basement. Rooms and floors are co-ed.

Amenities and FeaturesEdit

  • Study lounge
  • Tv lounge with cable
  • Laundry facilities in basement
  • Room specific: Each apartment has a kitchen and a private bathroom and offers traditional residence hall furnishings: beds (some lofted), dresser desks, and chairs.

Breakdown of available room types:

  • 100% of students will live in triples


House StaffEdit



Close proximity to LHWC


No full kitchens

Other Residence Halls Like This OneEdit

Other factsEdit

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