Mitchell Hall is a co-ed student residence hall on the Foggy Bottom campus at 514 19th St. hosting 352 students of various classes in single rooms.


Mitchell Hall


Building and Room StructureEdit

Mitchell Hall consists of 8 floors and one basement. Mitchell Hall consists entirely of single rooms, most with a community bathroom and limited number of single suites with a shared bathroom.

Breakdown of available room types:

  • 100% of students will live in singles
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Layouts of typical Mitchell rooms

Amenities and FeaturesEdit

  • Bike rack/room
  • 7/11 downstairs
  • Laundry facilities
  • Kitchen facilities per floor
  • Room specific: Study desk and chair, twin long bed, microfridge, cable tv capabilities, individual high speed internet, and individual phone line.


Mitchell Hall was built in 1926.

House StaffEdit

House ThemeEdit

(The following is taken from

Culture and Arts House at Mitchell Hall:

Residents of the Culture and Arts House at Mitchell will have the unique opportunity to live in a residential artistic community where their talents and interests can flourish alongside the talents of their housemates. Areas of culture and art explored in this house include visual arts, creative writing, performing arts, culinary art, art history, ethnic diversity and cultural exploration. Screenwriting, sculpture, photography, acting, dance, cooking, playing musical instruments or singing would all be activity interests that would be grouped with this house.

Pros Edit

  • No need for sexiling
  • A clearly confused 7/11 is opened 24/7 right downstairs
  • Close to White House
  • Magnificent view on the roof
  • Quiet--no body parties here
  • Sinks in bedroom
  • Pretty spacious rooms for singles
  • Patio


  • Communal Bathrooms
  • Located at the edge of campus
  • If you have a room facing the inside then you have no view and feel like you're trapped in a prison
  • Communal Kitchens (no fridge)
  • About the same price as apartment style dorms, which are more worth the exorbitant amount of money GW charges you
  • Elevators smell like urine
  • Shower pressures suck
  • Lack of security

Other factsEdit

It was once a hotel.

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