West Hall (formerly Pelham Hall) is a co-ed student residence hall on the Mount Vernon campus at 2100 Foxhall Road housing about 200 freshman students and 50 Sophomores.


West Hall is located in the Western most part of the Mount Vernon campus, near the athletic fields and right next to the GW Tennis courts and Pool. West Hall is the newest residence hall on campus and is called the campus' most sustainable dorm. It is magnificent.

Building and Room StructureEdit

West Hall consists of 4 floors and two basements. Floors are co-ed, and the rooms are suite style. Each suite has a common room which comes with a couch, two arm chairs, a coffee table, side table, and TV table. Each common room also has a full size energy star refrigerator, microwave oven, and kitchen cabinets. In each suite there are four single rooms - each with full access to the UNiversity's 200+ television stations. Each suite also has it's own bathroom with a seperate room for the toilet, two sinks and a stand-up shower. On each floor there are usually 2+ study rooms, always 1 kitchen, and 1 laundry room.

The B1 level is full access to the GW community - where the Pelham Dining Commons are located. There is a large cafeteria. There is also a gymnasium on this floor. The B2 Level has a black box theater, bike storage, many rooms for student activities, and even a recording studio.

Amenities and FeaturesEdit

  • 2 + Study Lounges, 1 Kitchen on each floor,
  • Laundry facilities per floor
  • Recording Studio, Practice Rooms, Black Box Theater, Art Studios, Gallery, Bike Storage, West Hall Commons cafeteria, Mail Services
  • Room specific: Single rooms, private bathroom, twin long beds (bunkable), fridge, cable tv capabilities, individual high speed internet, and individual phone line.


Formally Pelham Hall, West Hall was opened to students in the Fall of 2010. It is beautiful, new, and is without a doubt the nicest living option for undergrads in GW today. It's isolation however becomes a problem for many of it's residence.

House StaffEdit

There are 5 House Proctors that reside in West and two community directors assigned to the house.

House ThemeEdit

The Media and Public Affairs House at West:

The Green Earth Year: Students live and work together using methods of sustainability.



  • The Building is constantly very quiet and gives off the vibe of an abandoned dorm - due to the fact that most of it's residents spend most of their time at the Foggy bottom campus.
  • University Police never patrol the hallways or make an appearance at West. This can be considered a pro or con, depending what your outlook
  • Housekeeping services intended for freshmen have been terminated starting with the class of 2014
  • There is no cell phone coverage at West Hall.

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